National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2012 Regional Conference and Exposition: Hartford, Connecticut

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52- What Does "Proof" Look Like in the Middle School?

Thursday, October 25, 2012: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Ballroom B (Marriott)
Lead Speaker:
Sherryl Hauser
Megan Staples and Deborah Ostien

  • 52 Hauser What Does Proof Look Like in the Middle School Handout.pdf (462.2 kB)

  • This session explores what proof looks like in the middle grades. What are students capable of? What does it look like over the year—from their early attempts to the end of the year? What pedagogical strategies help students get better at it? We explore these questions by examining student work and sharing forms of reasoning.

    Presentation Format: 6-8 Session
    Grade Band Audience: 6 to 8
    Attribute: Learn <-> Reflect strand presentation

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