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NCTM 2015 Annual Meeting & Exposition

Please note: The NCTM conference program is subject to change.

653- Equity at the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education 2016

Saturday, April 18, 2015: 9:30 AM-10:30 AM
153 C (BCEC)


Lead Speaker:
Joanne Rossi Becker

Handouts 653,rossibecker,equityatICME13.pdf 653,rossibecker,equityatICME13.pdf


A forum for discussion of gender equity issues that should be a priority for the ICME 13 conference in Hamburg, Germany, in 2016. The speaker is co-chair of the Topic Study Group: Equity in Mathematics Education (Including Gender) and is interested in participants’ views of critical issues that should be addressed relative to gender equity.


Presentation Format: General Interest / All Audiences Session