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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2014 Annual Meeting and Exposition

Please note: The NCTM conference program is subject to change.

96- Inference and Decision Making through Simulations and Re-randomization Experiments

Thursday, April 10, 2014: 9:45 AM-11:00 AM
Versailles (Hilton)
Lead Speaker:
J. Michael Shaughnessy

  • Discrimination or Not?.pdf (70.5 kB)
  • Inference & Decision Making-regular NCTM 2014.pdf (126.7 kB)

  • This session engages participants in explorations that involve making inferences about populations from random samples and making decisions about possible differences between groups based on re-randomization experiments. The difference between random sampling from populations and random assignment in an experiment is highlighted.

    Presentation Format: 9-12 Gallery Workshop
    Grade Band Audience: 6 to 8, 9 to 12

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