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NCTM 2015 Annual Meeting & Exposition

Please note: The NCTM conference program is subject to change.

511- Thinking Like a Synthesizer: Applying Algebraic Transformations to Musical Melodies

Friday, April 17, 2015: 1:00 PM-2:15 PM
Grand Ballroom E (Westin)


Lead Speaker:
Mike J. Reiners
Bob Horton

Handouts 511, Reiners-Horton, Thinking Like A Synthesizer .pdf


Every song’s melody can be expressed as a series of integers, each of which represents the number of musical half-steps above or below the first note in the song. Using various basic math and music technologies, we will create discrete graphs that we can transform horizontally and vertically—just like composers and synthesizers do!


Presentation Format: 9-12 Gallery Workshop


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